final logo file formats
Upon final approval, your new logo will come in four file formats.

Adobe Illustrator File - Your AI file was created in Adobe Illustrator CS5, the most widely used graphic design program in the world. Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editing program composed of paths connected by points, rather than bitmap image data. Generally, AI files cannot be opened successfully in any other application other than Adobe Illustrator. Since all AI files are vector based and not bitmap, they can be enlarged without losing image quality provided the file is opened in a vector editing program. Opening an AI file in a photo editing program will rasterize the image, convert the vector data to bitmap and cause a loss in image quality. Your AI file will be best used as an archive or master file of your raw logo.
Encapsulated PostScript File - Your EPS file, or Encapsulated PostScript file, is an industry standard format used in graphics printing. PostScript is the universal language used by computer printers as well as professional printers. Most computers (Windows or Mac) have at least one built-in program which can view EPS files (like importing the image into Microsoft Word). EPS files are an ideal format for printing vector-based graphics (like logos, t-shirt graphics and sign graphics) without worrying about loss in quality when scaled up or down. Your EPS file is "Press-Ready", meaning it is in CMYK color mode with all text converted to outlines, and ready to be processed into plates by your printer. Your EPS file will be best used as the vector file to provide to your printer.
Joint Photographic Experts Group File - Your JPG file is a standard format developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPEG is a compressed, 24-bit, RGB color raster file commonly used for storing digital photos and displaying web graphics. Most digital cameras save JPEG images by default. JPEG files have multiple levels of compression, and while highly compressed files appear pixelated and blurry, they are ideal for creating small file sizes. JPEG files cannot be increased in size without a significant loss in image quality. Your 300dpi JPG file will be best used as a digital graphic on a website or in an email signature.
Portable Network Graphic File - Your PNG file is a Portable Network Graphic designed to replace the GIF. While the PNG cannot be animated, it employs lossless compression and can support a much wider range of color than the commonly used GIF. Because they are not designed to support professional printing and graphics, PNG files are in RGB color mode and do not support the CMYK color mode. Your PNG file is best used as a website graphic.
Logo Planet Laboratory Graphic Design Studio assumes no liability to clients for any loss of business or other damages, real or constructive due to their own level of technological comprehension, nor for the client's lack of access to proper hardware or software for viewing, printing or editing the provided logo files.
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